99 Cents Only Store



99 Cents Only Store: Rebrand & Spring Campaign

Created an iconic vision of what the 99 Cent Only brand could be that was as unique as their history and offering. These images were part of their rebrand and have since been adapted for each occasion/holiday and featured in billboards, newspapers and social platforms across SoCal, Houston, Arizona, and Las Vegas.

Photographer: Jason Travis


early stages and explorations

The 99 Cents Only store faced increased pressure from both other dollar retailers and one-off stores in a category they originally invented. The 99 Cent Only leadership identified Southern California as a test case to redesign the store experience and re-launch a new brand strategy which would serve as a test-case for future rollouts. 

DSC_4843 copy.jpg

spring campaign: easter

Following the success of the rebranding campaign, they asked us to extend the creative into an integrated Seasonal campaign across all of their regional markets to re-energize the brand around iconic holiday moments and encourage a larger audience to visit. As Easter is one of their highest grossing holidays, we focused our campaign on the magic moments and offerings the store had to offer.